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D’Alessandro International

D’ALESSANDRO INTERNATIONAL is a modern company conceived by its founder Gabriele D’Alessandro to market and make use of innovative technology and services in its creations. The goal of the company is to design and make objects capable of combining technology and economics in work processes, while at the same time facing up to issues arising from the environmental impact of products.

The first fruit of this approach is the LIBELLULA LB4J, an innovative concrete vibrator designed to provide both a tool and a new method of concrete casting, with significant advantages in terms of the quality of finished product and of the efficiency of operation.

            Another unique and innovative product is the AIRONE EL, which facilitates the semi-dry, standing casting of the mix in floor substrates. AIRONE EL has completely changed the way of working by eliminating the fatigue and physical damage that workers can accumulate over years.

            Last but not least is the COLIBRI’ UFO, which, thanks to its lightness and extensible handlebar, can even be driven with just one hand. COLIBRI’ UFO is a latest generation orbital finishing machine, designed and manufactured exclusively for the levelling, smoothing and surface finishing of floor screeds and flat or sloping concrete surfaces with reduced operating space.

Research & Development

The focal point of D’ALESSANDRO INTERNATIONAL’s activity is its research and development centre, which, under the direct management of the owner, represents the creative heart of the company. Through its POWERTRAIN, it draws on technology and combines it knowledgeably in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, making the improvement of products an inseparable credo in customer relations.

POWERTRAIN brings together the creative and productive parts of the company to design, dimension, prototype and test and test products that use the best technology available on the market. Before being marketed, every single product undergoes an intense cycle of fatigue tests to highlight its intrinsic qualities and, above all, its structural use limits in order to obtain a well-defined picture of its performance capabilities so that they can then be stretched well beyond the minimum design requirements. In order to do this, the company uses its own special test benches for testing both the finished product and all of its components individually, subjecting them to static and dynamic loads two to ten times higher than those normally encountered in ordinary work lifecycles.

Our Products

Our vision is to constantly offer the very best products and exceed expectations to the full satisfaction of our customers.