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AIRONE is a versatile newly designed vibrating power screed board, created for levelling, compacting and finishing semi-dry floor screed, in preparation for subsequent floor laying. It can also be used to level coarse and fine aggregates. It is equipped with a component which converts motor energy into horizontal orbital movement, producing micro-vibrations of variable intensity, based on the density of the screed.

AIRONE, used in a global context in which there is a growing presence of seismic activity, is a product that is appreciated by designers and site managers because it gives high elasticity to all screeds, granting maximum resistance to the structure.

AIRONE has been created with concepts and technology that are not commonly found in this kind of equipment. It is lightweight, ordinary maintenance-free (lubrication and tightening) and is equipped with an internal electronic device called “E.P.O.” (electronic performance optimiser) which allows use in any circumstance, guaranteeing maximum output and minimum toxic emission, as well as immediately optimising operator-machine integration.

AIRONE was created and realised to produce large quantities of work, and is still unbeaten in its field.

When correctly powered, this machine guarantees levelling of up to 100 m2 of screed in only 60 minutes.

AIRONE produces high-level compacting of aggregates and if used when pouring concrete, offers up to 8 times higher production than what is currently being produced by traditional methods, contributing to substantial labour savings and allowing rapid amortisation of the machine, in just a few hours work.

AIRONE protects workers from accidents due to distraction because its mechanical parts are covered by the body of the machine.

AIRONE is equipped with ergonomic handles with an exclusive “anti-shock” system which allows the operator to work at length without tiring and without damaging hands with dangerous vibrations.

AIRONE EL (electric engine) can be supplied for 100 – 150 – 200 cm blades.

For specific needs, it is possible to order blades of non-standard lengths.       

AIRONE is composed of : MACHINE with motor and blade + fast removal handle with controls

AIRONE EL100 can be equipped with 100 cm blade.

AIRONE EL150 can be equipped with 150 cm blade.

AIRONE EL200 can be equipped with 200 cm blade

Bars are not interchangeable

Data Sheet


Elettrico monofase


Removable handle kg 3
Machine cm. 100 kg. 12
Machine   cm. 150 kg. 15
Machine cm. 200 kg 17




Fino a 70/100 mq



Video and photo Airone EL

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